Queen Of Kings

Queen Of Kings - Photo Number: Queen_of_Kings.jpg
Reg.: T-88637
Brand: 39/7
DOB: 4/4/1987
Color: R/W

Sire - King - Photo Number: king.jpg
Royal Mounty Texas Lin
Texas Ranger JP
YO Linda
Archer #1
WR 1814
WR 1597
Miss Texas Ranger 262 Texas Ranger JP
Two Tone
Brazos Belle 182nd
Miss Alamo
Phillips Bull
Phillips Cow
Melody Bar M Don Abraham 3/0 Don Quixote
WR 1882
WR 1878
Damn High
Ma Kettle
Mohagony Amigo Ranger
Texas Ranger JP
Sombrero Sarah
Manchadita Ranger
Texas Ranger JP

Bios For Queen Of Kings

At the World Show in 1988. This was early-on when all the yearling heifers showed in one class. There were 86 entries in the 1987 heifer class in 1988. The winner was Queen of Kings by King out of a Don Abraham daughter named Melody. L to R. Joel, Darol and Linda Dickinson.

The following year the class breaks were divided to 4 classes. This was the largest class in the history of the World Show or any Longhorn show system. She was later purchased from DCCI by Bill & Sue Burton and became the foundation of a large part of both the DCCI and Burton herd.

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