Rangers Big'Un

Rangers Big'Un - Photo Number: rangers_big_un.jpg
Reg.: T-1539
Brand: 204
Color: R/W
He was sired by Texas Ranger, out of the Peeler cow, Miss Kitty. He is known to sire some of the largest & thickest bodied cows in the breed. His daughters are without question, some of the best for milk production. He has one daughter that has been World Champion Produce of Dam for three years, which is more than any cow on record. He weighed well over a ton at three years old. He has medium horn span in the 40" range & has more loose skin than other bulls available in frozen semen. He's a great brood cow beef type sire. Color - Brown & White.

Sire - Texas Ranger JP - Photo Number: ranger.jpg
Texas Ranger JP
Two Tone Phillips Longhorn
Phillips Longhorn
Brazos Belle 182ND Phillips Longhorn
Phillips Longhorn
Miss Kittie Peeler 5/16
Peeler 5/2

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