Texas Star

Texas Star - Photo Number: texas_star.jpg
Reg.: T-1449
Brand: 246

Semen: $25.00


He was sired by Texas Ranger, out of Belle Star 31. This great old flamboyant red & white bull lived to be 20 years old & successfully bred up until the last day of his life. No other bull in the Longhorn breed nor probably any other breed in the United States bred for a 20 year life span & also produced thousands of units of frozen semen. His strong traditional Longhorn genetics & longevity make him a sire that will not go away. His best known son is Gunner. He will have numerous calves born in Brazil.

Sire - Texas Ranger JP - Photo Number: ranger.jpg
Texas Ranger JP
Two Tone Phillips Longhorn
Phillips Longhorn
Brazos Belle 182Nd Phillips Longhorn
Phillips Longhorn
Belle Star 31 Benito Juarez
Y.O. Maria 11

Bios For Texas Star

Texas Star - by Texas Ranger was the first TL bull to fetch a bid of $10,500 at public auction. It was 1978. This is me a hundred years ago and the buyer Judy Jenkins. Texas Star was owned and bred by 7 people and his head mounted in the fall of age 22. Last owner Stuart Burns DVM, Paris, KY. He was a fertile breeder past 22 years. Semen still available from DCCI. The previous high selling bull was $3000. He started a lot of good things in motion.

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