Texas Measles

Texas Measles - Photo Number: texas_measles.jpg
Reg.: T-1446
Brand: 220
Weight: 1870 Horns: 50.5
He is sired by Texas Ranger, out of Measles. He is a full brother to Measles Super Ranger, Mr. Measles, Ranger's Super Measles, Texas Ranger Jr., Ranger's Measles, Cheetah & Ol' Measles. Texas Measles has the unusual distinction of being a sire of corkscrewed horned cows. He is known for siring beautiful females & one Reserve World Champion bull. Texas Measles is the grand sire of Gun Man's dam. Use him to add cork screw horn.

Sire - Texas Ranger JP - Photo Number: ranger.jpg
Texas Ranger JP
Two Tone Phillips Longhorn
Phillips Longhorn
Brazos Belle 182Nd Phillips Longhorn
Phillips Longhorn
Measles 2849 - Photo Number: measles.jpg
Measles 2849
WR 2161 WR 1932
WR 1156
WR 1474
WR 1052
WR 790
WR 313
WR 2495 WR 1558
WR 1425
WR 1306
WR 1598
WR 1156
WR 768

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