Tin Horn

Tin Horn - Photo Number: tinhorn.jpg
Reg.: T-12808
Brand: 12
He is sired by Classic, out of the all Yates cow, Tumbleweed. Tin Horn is one of the early big horned sires believed to be in the 64" tip to tip range. His dam, Tumbleweed lived to over 22 years of age & calving annually. He is an example of the unbelievably strong Classic, Butler out-cross influence producing good horn. He is a usable bull for people who desire the Butler type horn. This is one of the very few ways to get Yates blood into a herd without losing horn length. His color is white with walnut specks.

Sire - Classic - Photo Number: classic.jpg
Bevo Butler Longhorn
Butler Longhorn
Beauty Butler Texas Longhorn
Butler Texas Longhorn
Tumbleweed Hecks Best Hecks Choice
Maria #2
Schaleben 1 Schaleben Longhorn
Schaleben Longhorn

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