Vision Quest

Vision Quest - Photo Number: vision.jpg
Reg.: I-40528
Brand: 186/7
DOB: 6/2/1987
Color: W/R Roan
Weight: 2150

(on 7/21/1993)

Horns: 57.25

(on 2/14/1995)

He is sired by Designer, out of Superior Quest, by Superior. Vision Quest is a chocolate roan speckled bull with 61" horn. At one time he lost approximately 3" of horn tip. It is believed he would be approximately 64" if it had not been for the accident. Vision Quest is an interesting genetic blend of Bail Jumper, Impressive, WR 1814, Superior, Droop Horn & Ranger's Measles. His ability to sire over 70" T2T daughters is very commendable. This old bull sires beautiful speckled colored cattle of red & brownish roan coloration especially when bred to dark or solid colored cows. Use him on mostly solid colored cows with out white face markings. He sires undesirable white faces if used on cows with white face markings.

Designer Bail Jumper Cowcatcher
Rangers Measles
Impressive Design Impressive
WR 2277
Superior Quest Superior Blue Horns
Droop Horns
Big Quest Ranger's Big 'Un
Dona Yates #3


Misty Vision
Misty Vision
Over Chill
Over Chill
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