Delta Fawn

Delta Fawn - Photo Number: v_1510.jpg
Reg.: I-240771
Brand: 476
DOB: 6/22/1996
Color: Li Red
Weight: 1140

(on 5/30/2012)

Horns: 60.75

(on 11/13/2012)

She is one of the most proven fertile cows by embryo production in Longhorn history. She is expected this year to go over 100 number one frozen embryos. She is mostly of the Butler family (See Seven Families Historic Article) Her sire, Jay Hawk was produced from the DCCI embryo transfer program in 1981 and known for several sale topping females. Overwhelmer was also an embryo transfer born in 1985, owned and developed by DCCI. Laramie was one of the two best sons of Monarch (Monarch was known as a female sire) Whelm Me was raised by DCCI and sold to the famous breeder Johnnie Hoffman when she was a 3 year old.

Jay Hawk Classic Bevo
Caroline #2 Neuhaus Longhorn #7
Delta Deborah Laramie Monarch
Whelm Me Overwhelmer
Rangers Measles

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