JuJu - Photo Number: t_6596.jpg
Reg.: I-233333
Brand: 540/1
DOB: 4/15/2001
Color: W/R spk
Weight: 1208

(on 11/7/2006)

Horns: 68.38

(on 11/6/2008)

Sire - Jet Jockey - Photo Number: jet.jpg
Jet Jockey
Bail Jumper Cowcatcher
Texas Toro 60
Calico Gal
Rangers Measles
Texas Ranger JP
Measles 2849
Better Yet Impressive
Don Quintana
Rangers Measles
Miss Dayton #3
Kookachoo - Photo Number: 2108_6.jpg
Zhivago King
Royal Mounty
Miss Texas Ranger 262
Safari B 496
Don Quintana
Safari B 119
Amaze Jet Jockey
Bail Jumper
Better Yet
Amazing Shot
Shot Full Of Class


Bios For JuJu

JUJU - a daughter of Jet Jockey, one of the largest horned World Champion Bulls, produced Jama Ju, Juma, and Jester (87" T2T). One daughter of Jet Jocky remains in the DCCI herd. Time rolls on. She was only defeated one time for Grand Champion Non Halter and it was by her daughter Jester. Jester was defeated one time by her dam JuJu. This is a strong DCCI family.

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