My My My

My My My - Photo Number: p_4240.jpg
Reg.: I-210695
Brand: 82/5
DOB: 4/10/1995
Color: R/W Paint
Weight: 1222

(on 12/19/2005)

Horns: 61.25

(on 11/4/2006)

Sire - Senator - Photo Number: senator.jpg
Overwhelmer Cowcatcher
Texas Toro 60
Calico Gal
Doherty 698
Senor Mulege
Wright #489
Classic Reflection Classic
Alma II
Wright Bull 413
Wright Cow
Bounce N Lyn - Photo Number: t_5418.jpg
Bounce N Lyn
Bouncer Copy Cat
Bold Copy
Lilly White
Show Girl Ii
Texas Ranger JP
Show Girl 58
King's Lynn Jwt King
Royal Mounty
Miss Texas Ranger 2
Lyn Flynn
Plhr Miss Lin 4/4


Bios For My My My

My My My - a daughter of Senator out of Bouncer Lynn who is by Bouncer and out of King's Lynn, the dam of Over Lynn. Both her and Super Bowl were out of Bouncer daughters. This combination came together to produce Clear Win, the fruit of all the vines.

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