Unlimited - Photo Number: unlimited.jpg
Reg.: I-210121
Brand: 91
DOB: 5/19/1991
Color: Brn/W lnbk
Weight: 1750

(on 6/16/1998)

Horns: 64.12

(on 6/10/1996)

Semen: $25.00


He is sired by No Double, out of a Superior daughter. Unlimited has horn measurements of 64 5/8" tip to tip, making him one of the largest horned Butler bulls in history. Unlike many of the other Butler bulls, he is dominantly dark walnut brown & speckled in color. Many of his calves are highly colorful & possess beautiful Butler horn traits. All four of his great grand dams possessed the tight corkscrew horn twist. He has the most stacked pedigree for corkscrew horn shape of any bull in history. Unlimited is recommended as a top sire if Butler genetics are desired. Recommended for breeding to tight skinned cows that aren't solid colored for awesome results. He is a major site of lacey faces.

No Double Classic Bevo
Maressa Milby 1/2
Miss Liberty 49*
Superior's Droopy Superior Blue Horns
Droop Horns*
Miss Droopy Lone Ranger 72
Droop Horns*


Bios For Unlimited

UNLIMITED - In 1995 I thought I needed the best horned Butler bull to turn the DCCI herd more that direction. I called everywhere and over a period of time, looking at bulls, traveling around, I decided Tabasco and Unlimited were the two best Butler bulls. Fact was -- they were. I got Tabasco from Toby Johnson and went to Washington, Texas to see Unlimited. He was bred and owned by Vernon and Janice Webb. They were firm at $20,000. After an hour or so of tears and whining I bought him. His name as a young bull was VJ Tommie. I had trouble believing that name was strong enough for the national promotion I wanted to do. Before buying him, I asked, and Janice and Vernon agreed, before I handed them the $20,000, that it was okay for me to change his name. I paid the fees and did a legal name change, which both associations allow. He was now UNLIMITED.

I didn't want a white Butler bull and it was wonderful the seal brown speckled faced calves he sired. He was everything I wanted him to be. I bred him 4 years in Ohio and thereafter did a lot of AI. I still believe he is the best Butler bull of all time. Fall of 1999 Bob Loomis came to Ohio and bought him for $25,000. He gave Bob wonderful progeny and Bob loved him as much as I did. Bob kept him until the end.

When Bob got ready to register calves, the TLBAA President Don King refused to use the Unlimited name and forced Bob to go back to the original VJ Tommie name. I enjoyed using the Unlimited name and placed an "Un" in front of every calf. It was a perfect identity family connection. A little bit of semen is still available.

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