Biden's Green 30 x 30 Plan

DCC Ranch e-News #240 - 03-26-31

Darol Dickinson

Memo: As we work to keep our businesses going the Biden team is working their "green" 30 x 30 program to protect us all from imminent death of climate change. They plan to take private property away from private land owners and manage the land correctly -- that is the government who can't manage Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada at a profit. Currently the USA owns about 12% of the lands and waters --- they want 30% by 2030. Margaret Byfield is an attorney specializing in preventing government confiscations of private land. This is the ASL news letter. You can subscribe free. If you own land or feel private land ownership is important, sign up or better yet attend one of her meetings. Come early, because seats fill fast. This is big. Communist do not approve
of private land ownership --- that is the battle. D

Liberty Matters News Service, Issue 6

Margaret Byfield, Executive Director,
American Stewards of Liberty.

Western Caucus Members Oppose 30 x 30

On March 16, 2021, 12 U.S. Senators and 50 Congressmen issued a letter opposing President Biden’s 30 x 30 program, noting the lack of congressional authorization to pursue the transformative land-use agenda. President Biden made the goal of conserving 30 percent of America’s lands and oceans by 2030, a key component of his climate-crisis agenda, set forth in Executive Order 14008.

Members point out that the West is already disproportionately home to over 90 percent of the federal lands, which Congress has mandated be managed for multiple-use and sustained yield. Reduction in the productive uses of these lands under a conservation goal of preserving 30 percent of the nation’s land base would further harm local and State economies in the West.

The letter states:

We urge you to remember that land management agencies are bound by a statutory-based multiple-use mandate. Our lands and our waters must remain open to activities that support our rural economies and help us to achieve our agriculture, timber, recreation, energy, and mineral needs. These multiple-uses are not only compatible with conservation ambitions, but they are an effective means to achieve these goals.”

Although the Biden Administration has not released any substantive details of how they intend to implement the program, they have confirmed that private property will be a key target of the conservation program.

Recently, the Administration has clarified that private lands are included in this initiative, setting the stage for potential egregious federal overreach. While these lands contribute to overall conservation, subjecting private landowners to this nebulous federal program is an extreme breach of private property rights. More clarity is desperately needed.”

President Biden’s Executive Order directs the Department of Interior to produce an implementation plan for 30 x 30 and deliver it to the National Climate Task Force by April 27th. They are to prepare this report with the input from States, local governments, and stakeholders. The Western Caucus letter notes, however, that these key entities, primarily those who’s lands would be directly impacted, have been entirely left out of the process.

E & E News reports that the Administration has been holding meetings with recreational and environmental groups and some elected leaders. However, Garfield County Colorado has still not received a reply to their request made earlier this month. Counties nationwide will be directly impacted by the program, infringing on their ability to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people, if more of their land is restricted from use.

The Western Caucus also calls on the Administration to meet with the members and address the ambiguities of their proposed agenda within 60 days.

“Fight 30 x 30 Events� Set for April
Learn more about the 30 x 30 land grab and what you can do to protect your property and our American way of life. We will be in four states this month to help educate citizens, landowner and elected leaders. Watch your email for more information as we get closer to each event. We hope you can join us.
April 12, 2021   April 15, 2021
Paxton, Nebraska
Paxton High School @ 6 pm
Speakers: Tanya Storer, Chuck Graff

Payne County Expo Center @ 7 pm Stillwater, Oklahoma
Speakers: Trent Loos, Margaret Byfield

April 19, 2021   April 20, 2021

Fergus High School Auditorium
Lewistown, Montana
Speakers: Tent Loos, Margaret Byfield


The Historic Elks Theater
Rapid City, South Dakota
Speakers: Trent Loos, Margaret Byfield

How Much Land will Biden’s Renewable Agenda Require?

Princeton University took a look at how much land would be needed to site three million megawatts of new renewable power generation to achieve President Biden’s net-zero-carbon economy by 2050. New wind and solar projects would take an estimated 228,000 square miles, or the equivalent of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. This equates to approximately 146 million acres of land that will be converted for renewables.

Confusing the issue is that the climate crisis advocates pushing for the net-zero carbon economy believe land conversions and the use of fossil fuels are the two primary contributors to the irreversible climate catastrophe we currently face. Yet, their solution to solving fossil fuel emissions, is to accelerate land conversions.

Land conversions are the reason they give for millions of species are going extinct, an exaggerated estimation on their part. They say a football field is converted to development every 30 seconds, or 1.1 million acres a year. The solution for this is to permanently preserve 30 percent of our land (681 million acres) by 2030. It’s inconceivable how thousands of miles of solar panels and millions of wind turbine towers will be compatible with this imminent threat.

If we have assessed their arguments correctly, we are being told we must convert 146 million acres into solar and wind fields so we can be 100 percent reliant on unreliable energy sources by 2050. But first, we must permanently protect 681 million acres by 2030 to save our ecosystem and wildlife, which will be impacted more directly by renewable energy sitings, than the current rate of land conversions.

All this for a crisis that does not exist.

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