Mating Longhorns Successfully for Breed Improvement - 1992

Includes fraudulent misrepresentations and court documents on blood typing for purity in mating; proven successful mating combinations to produce world class Longhorns; eight genetic value traits; blend genetics; genetic weak links and their correction; "Over Compensating" and "Reversion to Type" traits; three data types; valid measurements and data; raising "total" and "complete" cattle; nine future predictions on genetic trends; J. Frank Dobie's vision for breed improvement; how to apply blood typing for near 100% purity tests; how to mate a $10,000 cow and raise a $400 roping steer every time -- and how not to; the 25 year mating plan for success; seven historic Longhorn eras; how to breed a World Champion in less than 5 years and the new Longhorn producer's first two mistakes. - Year: 1992