35 Year Genetic Plan

by: Darol Dickinson - 2004

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Dickinson Cattle Co. LLC
Texas Longhorn 35 Year Genetic Plan
  Texas Ranger Gainability, Disposition, Size, Milk,  
Flat Horn, Length, Color Consistency.
Don Quixote Trim, Black, Small specks, Disposition,
Milk, Refinement, Small Ears, Extra Loin.
Measles Balance, Type, Feminine, Udder Correctness,
Consistency, Horn, Public Approved Excellence.
Wright & Butler

Out-Crosses, Trim type and Extra Horn.

Solid Foundation building genetics.
Proven - Repeatability - Predictability

Leading Sires

Overwhelmer { Cowcatcher { Texas Toro
Calico Gal
Doherty 698 { Señor Mulege
Wright 489
The Shadow { Senator { Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Good Friday { Dakota Kid
Unlimited { No Double { Classic
Superior's Droopy { Superior
Miss Droopy
Not Gunna { Gunner { Texas Star
Superior Symbol
Not Dot { Jet Jockey
Not Enough Ranger
Senator { Overwhelmer { Cowcatcher
Doherty 698
Classic Reflection { Classic
Alma II
Zhivago { King { Royal Mounty
Miss Texas Ranger 262
Safari B 496 { Don Quintana
Safari B 119


  Formula Line Bred Females
  TR 5-40 Ranger's Measles
  M 2-10 Doherty 698
  DQX 2-12
  W or B 3-10  
Tested Correct Sires
    King Bail Jumper
    Tabasco Lethal Weapon
    Super Bowl Winchester
    Coal Smoke Quill
    Superior Jet Jockey
    Emperor Shadowizm
    Classic Vision Quest
    Impressive Over Head
Tenative Sires  
    Gizmo Sequel
    Monarch Jet Set
    Unloofed Mile Marker
    Victory Lap Just Cause
    Salida Slick Fielder
    Highway Man Raffles

Darol and Linda Dickinson began raising Texas Longhorn cattle in 1967. From the very foundation, they sought out high quality superior cattle. In the early days of the Longhorn industry, there were very few cattle that had good growth, good disposition, good conformation, pretty color and good horn. It was a matter of identifying foundation animals who had minimal faults rather than picking out ones that were the very greatest. In the mid 70's, certain animals began to rise to the top. In the Wichita Refuge family the old bull, Don Quixote and the famous cow Measles, obviously became the greatest. They were far superior to their peers. In the Phillips family, Texas Ranger, did a lot of wonderful things in the DCC 35 year Genetic Plan. Later on, certain individuals in the Wright and Butler herds added trimness, extra horn growth and an out cross to the Phillips/WR bloodline.

After spending over 35 years in the Texas Longhorn business, the Dickinson family continues to line breed and selectively mate cattle that were based on the very same foundation that was the state-of-the-art in the mid 70's. Certain individuals which combined these bloodlines, have proven to be superior to their sires, grand sires and their early lineage. Cattle that had horn measurements in the mid 40" range during the mid 70's, are surpassed now by impressive cattle that have horn into the 50's, 60's and now even some breaking the 70" range on breeding stock. In the old days of the 1880's trail drives, history records certain outstanding steers that were 15 - 20 years old who's horns measured six foot tip to tip. The six foot mark was the elite in that day. However, as history hunts the facts, these big horns are not to be found. Only one or two horn spreads in the whole western United States trace back to that era that have horns in the six foot range. Today with the improved bloodlines that are selectively mated, it is not difficult within the Dickinson cattle herd to have steers four to five years old well over 6 foot of horn. This was unheard of in the 1800's. In fact it was unheard of in the 60's and 70's.

This progress was very, very slow. The Dickinson family started out with purebred Texas Longhorn, true to type, and selectively mated with 100% pure bloodlines. Offspring has been used that combines the traits of the very superior foundation animals. As progeny evolved from these foundation families, the sons, grandsons and granddaughters began to show improvement over their lineage. Little, by little the older cattle dropped out of prominence and the young generation totally took over in the accelerated quality department.

This Dickinson Cattle Company, LLC 35 Year Genetic Plan shows where it came from, and most importantly, where it is going. The leading serious sires are six main contributors to the DCC herd improvement. The key formula outlines the line bred program of the number of times in the formula to line breed to Texas Ranger, Measles, Don Quixote and the Wright or Butler bloodline. The line bred females are the strongest producers in the last 35 years. They are a superior foundation to build on for the future. The tested correct sires are bulls not as consistent as the leading sires. These are bulls that may have less progeny and yet are showing great siring ability. The tentative sires are ones that may move up the line and totally dominate the genetics of the future. At this time they have minimal data to prove that will happen.

Serious Texas Longhorn producers who want to produce and develop the very highest quality can use the DCC 35 Year Genetic Plan* to develop their own herds. Semen is available from most sires listed. This is the key formula that has produced more great Texas Longhorns than any other genetic plan. Now all you have to do is mix carefully, add time and patience and you to will be pleased with your results.

* The 35 year program is explained with over 400 graphics on the "Semen Sire Documentary" film. VHS or DVD $12 p.p. (This is no longer available on DVD. It is all free on YouTube)