Video Archive

Some of these videos are old and were captured in the 90's on VHS.
Some are newer and we used to sell them on DVD.
They are being uploaded for educational purposes.

Breeding, Care, and Marketing of Texas Longhorns by Darol Dickinson ITLA Houston Chapter on 4/9/05. This 18 point presentation deals with correct matings, going for the high dollars, positioning, evaluating, weighing, measuring, some history of breeds, generational profits, long term security, correct bull selection, AI, Embryo, leasing pasture, using celebrities, etc. This is a broad topic with a detailed list of bases to touch to make this business work like a clock. - Year: 2005

Bry Chute Innovative and affordable side squeeze chute designed for horned cattle. - Year: 2012

BueLingo Legacy Beautiful belted BueLingo cattle are rapidly becoming popular. If you have a twitch of interest in raising this flamboyant breed, take a close look at this Video & you won't be able to resist. It starts in Holland, goes to North Dakota and wraps up in Ohio at DCCI. This breed is the sports model of the cattle industry with growing popularity daily. - Year: 2004

Cattle Corral Designs - Efficiency, Safety and Economy This film is an accumulation of these 54 years of learning experiences. Some great old cowmen had ideas that worked well and have been tested by the years. An idea here and a new design there -- life is a battle of eliminating what don't work. This film has 52 teaching points of data, examples, process, training, design, with graphics, dry erase action drawings and simple information for working cattle easy, economical and safe for man and beast. Humane handling is number one for all ranchers. When livestock are injured, bleed or become cripple, it is a great loss. Ranching is about economy. Any drop of blood shed is a dollar value loss. At all costs, livestock must be handled with the chief goal of no harm to any animal or person. A critter injured can drop hundreds of dollars in sale value in a flash. Filmed at Dickinson Cattle Co, Barnesville, Ohio, USA, by Kirk Dickinson, with some extra clips for unique flavor. - Year: 2021

Cattle Handling II Includes how to build a $555,000 corral with taxpayer's money that will work 150 head of cattle with less than 40 employees per day and no injuries or loss of life to people; how to work 700 cattle per day with two people in economical, portable corrals; how to humanly train Longhorns for fun and profit; corral training, loading and artificial breeding procedures; sorting and management with quiet yet forceful methods. - Year: 1993

Colorado Springs Longhorn Downtown Trail Drive Over 100 Texas Longhorns are driven through the second largest city in Colorado the first time during the 20th century; details of cattle cycle training, gathering, drover organization, press coverage, etc. - Year: 1992

Developing and Promoting Texas Longhorns Using Displays Every successful Longhorn producer will profit from public displays to get the message one-on-one to the masses. Live animal and booth displays are detailed for professional results. Presentation developed in 1999 for educational Longhorn group sessions. - Year: 1999

Evaluating Pedigrees II In 1994 the Evaluating Pedigree I film was produced describing in detail the many different types and interpretations of Texas Longhorn pedigrees. Now, more than any time in history, understanding pedigrees is highly useful with Texas Longhorn cattle selling for a hundred thousand dollars or more. As an investment tool, every buyer must understand pedigrees to make wise choices. Evaluating Pedigrees II now offers details in separating fact from fiction in one hour. It carefully documents 37 different types of pedigrees and how to spot them. (This replaces Evaluating Pedigrees 1) - Year: 2007

Herd Health & Rusty Needles by June Cohron DVM. Dr. Cohron practices at Stuarts Draft, Va. Although specializing in companion animals she is a major Texas Longhorn producer. This power point presentation deals with diagnosing your own herd health problems. Avoiding problems so you don't have to call a vet. Closely savor this presentation to raise a healthy herd and profit from it. - Year: 2005

Iron Span Iron Span is one of the young sires at Dickinson Cattle Co, who deserves a special spot light. It is the commitment at DCC to the good people who purchase semen from DCC bulls to always assist these semen investors by a public marketing effort of education and information. It would be sad to raise a great son of Iron Span like Span Pro and then the public marketing on his sire would be dropped. All successful livestock business must be supported by continued public information. - Year: 2022

Mating Longhorns Successfully for Breed Improvement - 1992 Includes fraudulent misrepresentations and court documents on blood typing for purity in mating; proven successful mating combinations to produce world class Longhorns; eight genetic value traits; blend genetics; genetic weak links and their correction; "Over Compensating" and "Reversion to Type" traits; three data types; valid measurements and data; raising "total" and "complete" cattle; nine future predictions on genetic trends; J. Frank Dobie's vision for breed improvement; how to apply blood typing for near 100% purity tests; how to mate a $10,000 cow and raise a $400 roping steer every time -- and how not to; the 25 year mating plan for success; seven historic Longhorn eras; how to breed a World Champion in less than 5 years and the new Longhorn producer's first two mistakes. - Year: 1992

Spokesman Spokesman is adding splash and flair where no one has traveled before. Spokesman is the wildest colored 2017 bull at DCC and all black horn tips. He has the Over Kill and line bred Top Caliber banding. He was test bred at DCC to females that are light pale colors, solid colors and needing trimness, with great success. Semen available in Australia and qualified for European export. - Year: 2022

Tax Tips For The Longhorn Rancher Tax tips by Margie McClanahan will help every producer to be more profitable. Her experienced information help in corporate structure formation and reducing unnecessary tax burdens. Presented in 1999 for educational Longhorn group sessions. - Year: 1999

Telemarketing Texas Longhorns A presentation by Darol Dickinson at the ITLA Annual Convention, 10/15/05. This 23 point presentation deals in depth on marketing, developing phone lists, timing, preparation, inventory cataloging, advertising, where not to advertise, getting by the screeners, high dollar, terms, delivery, double registration, guarantees, ranch visits, etc. This is an A to Z presentation for anyone who wants to be successful at selling registered Longhorns. - Year: 2005

Texas Longhorn Frozen Semen Sire Video There are nearly 300 historic graphics, & over half are the first time published. This sire catalog video will make breeding decisions a very scientific calculation for serious Texas Longhorn producers. A 90 min. video focusing on 57 leading sires. We, at DCCI, think this video maybe one of our historic contributions to the Texas Longhorn industry. This was filmed on VHS in 1996. It's the only historic video in the industry covering this information. - Year: 1996

Texas Longhorn Semen Sire Documentary Filmed in 2003. Over 400 still and action graphics show 29 of the leading sires ancestry, pedigree and progeny. What 8 cows and 8 bulls changed the breed. The most colorful, informative film ever produced on modern Longhorn genetics and how to profit from their correct use. - Year: 2003

The Importance of a Breeding Plan to Produce High Value Texas Longhorns by Bill Burton (2005 ITLA BREEDER OF THE YEAR) If you want to learn how to trap bear, talk to the guy with the bear hides on the wall. Bill, who raised the exciting $81,000 cow of Legacy fame tells all from start to finish. Good and bad genetics, the profitable matings that almost got away, the magic blood that keeps herd improvement moving forward, how to start with a few cattle and build one of the largest herds in the nation, consistently selling cattle at record prices, etc. If this is where you want to go give ear to Bill on this one. - Year: 2005