Procedures for Obtaining Frozen Semen

Texas Longhorn, Watusi, and BueLingo

Direct all orders to -- Dickinson Cattle Co., llc. -- 35000 Muskrat Rd. -- Barnesville, OH 43713

Ordering: Give the name, street address and phone number of the person to whom you wish semen to be shipped. Must be a minimum semen order of $150.00. Full payment before semen shipment. A charge of $30 is made on each order less than 100 units for rental of a liquid nitrogen shipping unit and L.N. All freight and handling fees are prepaid on 100 units or more within USA. Dickinson Cattle Co., LLC. guarantees that semen shall arrive in good condition. You are welcome to pool orders to go in one shipment and take advantage of discounts. A 10% semen discount is available on purchases of 20 units or more on most bulls. (when ordered in increments of 5)

Shipping: All semen shipments are handled by Dickinson Cattle Co., LLC. Semen shipments will be delivered in vapor shippers by UPS to address specified. Shipping charges will be prepaid by check or credit card (Mastercard, Discover or Visa). Examine the container upon delivery for damage. If the tank is damaged, an insurance form must be filled out immediately. The inside of the tank must still be cold with L.N. vapor and frost. If the tank is warm, contact DCC immediately. Do not assume the semen is all right. If the semen appears damaged, call Dickinson Cattle Co., LLC. concerning replacement and insurance procedures. Refusal to comply with insurance claim procedures will release Dickinson Cattle Co., LLC. and UPS from obligation to replace destroyed semen or pay insurance claims.

Transfers: Semen should be transferred from the shipping unit to your L.N. storage tank immediately upon receipt. A UPS call tag will be issued for the shipper. UPS will return to pick up the empty tank at the same location the next day after you receive it. If UPS does not pick it up within 4 days, please call Dickinson Cattle Co., LLC.

Registration: Calves conceived from DCC sires are acceptable for registration in ITLA as per the historic rules and regulations. Registrations may comply with other registries depending on daily rule enforcement changes. A.I. dates and records should be carefully recorded at the time of insemination. Registration application forms for each breed association are available from DCC. No certificate fees are charged.

Warranty: Frozen semen sold by DCC has been collected and stored in accordance with professional recognized practices. DCC makes no warranty of any kind concerning conception, fitness for a particular purpose, safety of inseminators, damage or loss caused to persons, animals, or property by negligence or any handling procedures. In the event semen is damaged in transit from DCC or proven unfit for services as intended due to reasons under the control of DCC , semen will be replaced for the exact amount of purchase with the same or alternate sires owned by DCC . No replacement is available on deceased bulls or sires not owned by DCC .

Semen Storage Tanks: Dickinson Cattle Co., LLC. is a national distributor of MVE and International Cryogenetics semen storage and shipping tanks. Let us provide a new semen tank with extra long holding time. Check price quotes for all models on this site.
The tank that we recommend most often for the small ranch is the Arctic RX-22 or MVE DOBLE-20.
The Doble-20 holds either liquid or vapor with a liquid hold of 125 days and vapor of 21 days with a total of 660 straw capacity.

Ask about specific country requirements for exportation of semen.

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