Over The Top x Drop Box - 2019

Texas Longhorn Heifer_2019 - Over The Top x Drop Box - 2019 - Photo Number: f_9239.jpg

DOB: 5/3/2019
Color: R/W
Price: $2100
Over The Top x Drop Box - 2019 This heifer is a serious futurity prospect who will have top value after show season. What more could anyone want? She has one horn tip dinged and may not develop perfectly symetrical.

Texas Longhorn Sire - Drop Box - Photo Number: f_1901.jpg
Drop Box
Cowboy Tuff Chex Cowboy Chex
Peacemaker 44
BL Poco Bueno
BL Rio Catchit
JP Rio Grande
BL Catchit
Jam Packed Jamakizm
Win W Bliss
Win Win
Expected Bliss
Over The Top Over Kill Over Head
Headliner FF248
Field of Pearls
Top Most Top Caliber
Hunts Command Respect
Super Most
Super Bowl
Gunna Most

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