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Power Plus x Progress Wrap

DOB: 4/2/2019; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Power Plus; Color: R/W; The first pick of the 2019 Buelingo bulls. Low 76 lb birth weight and great weaning size. Correct belt 14 out of 15 in his pedigree. Polled. Very quiet and laid back.

Price:  $1900

Slug Blossom x Slug Cal - 2019 Bull

DOB: 5/5/2019; Sire: Slug Cal; Dam: Slug Blossom; Color: R/W; A very dark rich wine color. Belts 100% for 3 generations plus. An out band for most BueLingo families.

Price:  $1800

Kid Chrome x Progress Wrap

DOB: 6/3/2019; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Kid Chrome; Color: B/W; This is pretty as a BueLingo heifer gets. She will grow like a 5th grade mud wrestler.

Price:  $1300