Bull 2021 List

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Bogia x Point Mark - 2021 Bull

DOB: 6/4/2021; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Bogia; Color: R/W; This young stud has it all going for him. The Point Marks are the most consistent of all.

Price:  $2000

Clear Symbol x Spokesman

DOB: 4/17/2021; Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Clear Symbol; Color: R/W; He is for sale not because of lack of quality - that's not right. We are getting a lot of Spokesman blood because we appreciate them. This year, DCC will breed his sire and two half brothers. He is a duplicate, and a nice one. Spread some happiness in your pastures.

Price:  $2000

Drag Hot x Spokesman - 2021 Bull

DOB: 4/18/2021; Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Drag Hot; Color: R/W unln; Four corners like a brick. Pinto as an Indian pony. Never been to outer space and don't care. Look at that hooks to pins -- wow!

Price:  $1900

Drop the Ace x Venom - 2021 Bull

DOB: 4/5/2021; Sire: Venom; Dam: Drop The Ace; Color: R/W Pnt; What a wild stunning color! He is a first son of ORVTLA Grand Champion Venom. Imagine a crop of heifers this color? Faces are big - this is a value face.

Price:  $2500

Fast Focus x Iron Span - 2021 Bull

DOB: 4/14/2021; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Fast Focus; Color: W/R Hd; He is rapidly turning dark maroon with roan specks all over. Buy him early and save. His brother was just judged International All Age Futurity Champion Bull, Span Pro. The strong genetics come slow, but last forever in the image of the greats.

Price:  $1800

Hung Trial x Cut n Dried - Bull

DOB: 4/16/2021 Sire: Cut n Dried; Dam: Hung Trial; Color: W/B ears; He's salt and pepper blue roan but soon to explode lots more black roan. Get some of the best DCC genetics without the high price color tag.

Price:  $1800
Sorry, already Sold.   JHxIN

Jumas Color x Cut n Dried - Bull

DOB: 4/12/2021; Sire: Cut n Dried; Dam: Jumas Color; Color: R/W; This bold brindle is exploding with early development. He wants to go to one of the early futurities. Notice his broad skull and early Cut'n Dried horn growth. Notice the substance for great mature size? Someone will really have fun and profit with this genetic package.

Price:  $4000

Noble Iron x Time Line - 2021 Bull

DOB: 4/20/2021; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Noble Iron; Color: R/W; He is brindle base starting to dark roan. Note: he is double bred Drag Iron, Field of Pears, and Jamakizm. Look at his thick born and substance. Half brother to Line Up.

Price:  $2500

Non Falter x Drag Iron - Bull

DOB: 4/14/2021; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Non Falter; Color: Brn/W; An unusual dark Drag Iron son. Look out futurities for him. He will incerase thickness and reduce whiteness. Remember that 203 number.

Price:  $3000

Over Marked x Drop Box - Bull

DOB: 4/18/2021; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Over Marked; Color: R/W Spkd; He will never have any less specks. He is growing during the night when no one is looking. The genetics are packed like a truck full of illegals.

Price:  $1600

Point Ho x Elfego - 2021 Bull

DOB: 4/16/2021; Sire: Elfego; Dam: Point Ho; Color: 4/16/21; Here is a bull with more fine points than a needle factory. Count his spots and watch the quality pop one spot at a time.

Price:  $2200

Pointed Meg x Stop Already - 2021

DOB: 4/9/2021; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Pointed Meg; Color: R/W pnl; He shows early herd sire virtue. Look close and see the extreme thickness and size of Clear Point and the smooth lines of Stop Already. He is worth a venture with little risk. He is a great banding.

Price:  $1800

Pointer x Elfego - 2021 Bull

DOB: 5/14/2021; Sire: Elfego; Dam: Pointer; Color: R/W unln; Not just poka-dot, but pinto poka-dot. Excellent for a young herd.

Price:  $1200

Rizzo x Point Mark - 2021 Bull

DOB: 5/3/2021; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Rizzo; Color: W/R hd; Look at his hip muscle. One of the biggest weaning weights at DCC for 2021. Point Mark adds his stamp.

Price:  $1800

Super Mileage x Elfego

DOB: 4/14/2021 Sire: Elfego; Dam: Super Mileage; Color: B/W spkld; No one could ask for a higher value-face. His dam also produced Twig. Drag A Mile, Iron On (International Champion), Iron Kiss, Plotter, and Strutting Stan. He is what the majority wants but often can't find. He is available to decorate the pasture for crazy colored calves years to come.

Price:  $4500
Sorry, already Sold.   SMxCA

Topless x Point Mark - 2021 Bull

DOB: 5/5/2021; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Topless; Color: W/R spks; He could win some big shows as his red roan colors increase even while he sleeps.

Price:  $1400

Tux Free x Spokesman - 2021 Bull

DOB: 4/5/2021 Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Tux Free; Color: W/B spkld; This is the bull everyone picks as choice. He will add value to a calf crop. More specks than the roof of a licorice factory. Spokesman bulls are trendy. Shows great early horn growth. More speck on the way.

Price:  $4500
Sorry, already Sold.   KSxTX