Bull 2019 List

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Clip Board

DOB: 6/16/2019; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Pin Silk; Color: Bk/W; A weapons grade genetic package. He will be a friendly colluder, but possibly a cold nose. Belted pedigree clear back to P.T. Barnum Dutch imports of 1865. Years of quality matings domumented for accuracy.

Price:  $1900

Top Zone

DOB: 4/6/2019; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Dip Zone; Color: B/W; Top Zone is from my favorite Buelingo cow. He is polled and a low 73 lb birth weight. 14 of 15 ancestors are correctly belted. His full brother is homozygous polled and currently a DCC herd sire.

Price:  $2600