Jimmy The Swede

Watusi Reference_Sire - Jimmy The Swede - Photo Number: Jimmy_the_Sweede.jpg
Reg.: WWAFP3
DOB: 1/1/1961

Semen: $20.00


Jimmy The Swede He was the first Watusi to be collected for semen. He was collected by Dickinson Cattle Co in the early 80's. Jimmy was imported through the Harry S Truman Import Center in Florida. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He sired more Watusi calves than any other USA Watusi sire. His name appears in more registered Watusi pedigrees than any other bull. His signature trait is a distinct line of color separation on his progeny that goes from the center of the nose, to the jaw, to the middle of the neck to the middle of the ribs and on to the middle of the hip. This line generally is dark red above the line and white below it with red spots. Due to his singular influence about 15% of the registered Watusi in the USA carry this color pattern. It is the strongest value factor in USA herds.