Mr. Immambo

Watusi Reference_Sire - Mr. Immambo - Photo Number: Immambo.jpg
Reg.: WWAFP1035
DOB: 3/15/1991
Color: R/W
Horns: 77.0

(on 5/29/2002)

Semen: $20.00

X    Darol

Mr. Immambo Mr. Immambo used to be the DCCI Watusi Herd Sire, he was 100% pure Watusi and his 77 tip-to-tip horns are very impressive. He was very laid back and had a great disposition. Mr. Immambo is no longer with us, he is now part of Gods private herd. This is the type of flat horn and wild African color DCC has found with the most value and appeal in the Watusi industry. A small amount of semen remaining.

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Satin Smooth
Satin Smooth
Sweet Immambo
Sweet Immambo