Bone Dry x Showman - 2022 Heifer

 Heifer_2022 - Bone Dry x Showman - 2022 Heifer - Photo Number: k_0449.jpg

DOB: 5/15/2022
Color: W/B ears
Weight: 632

(on 11/13/2023)

Horns: 46.25

(on 11/13/2023)

Price: $2200


Bone Dry x Showman - 2022 Heifer She is straight and correct, yet white as a bleached bone. The strong genetics are full to the brim. She is young and friendly. Just add grass and love.

 Sire - Showman - Photo Number: j_3806.jpg
Spokesman Non Stop
Over Kill
Obvious Top
Shy Hand
Top Hand
Shy Sky
Dance All Night Jet Black Chex
JP Rio Grande
Midnight Darlin' RCC
Dirty Dancer
Drag Iron
Bone Dry Cut'N Dried Cowboy Tuff Chex
Cowboy Chex
BL Rio Catchit
Dragon Pearl
Drag Iron
Field of Pearls
Obvious Top Top Caliber
Hunts Command Respect
Obviously Fultz
Fultz Field
Ain't I Obvious
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