Cutn Queen

Texas Longhorn Bull_2022 - Cutn Queen - Photo Number: j_10488.jpg

DOB: 3/4/2022
Color: B/W
Weight: 412

(on 9/28/2022)

Price: $2600


Cutn Queen The first son of Sniper offered by DCC. His well known genetics that the whole industry recognizes.

Sniper Sharp Shooter Top Caliber
Burnin Daylight
K.C. Winter Queen K.C. Winter Games
K.C. Kiowa Queen
Texas Longhorn Dam - Cut'N Queen - Photo Number: h_8624.jpg
Cut'N Queen
Cut'N Dried Cowboy Tuff Chex
Cowboy Chex
BL Rio Catchit
Dragon Pearl
Drag Iron
Field of Pearls
Iron Queen Drag Iron
Shining Victory
Win Jubilee
Shadow Jubilee
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