Tied For

Texas Longhorn Bull_2021 - Tied For - Photo Number: k_0008.jpg

DOB: 6/26/2021
Color: W/R
Weight: 802

(on 11/30/2022)

Horns: 42.75

(on 11/30/2022)

Price: $3400


Tied For This brindle roan base bull is a son of Tied off, just purchased by Cold Copper Ranch. He is a full brother to Saddle Jewel, the 2021 Ultimate Cow. The beautiful result of over 5500 planned matings. Sells with full semen rights. Stage #1 halter trained. 100% bull hide protective covering. Would make a great rescue bull -- help him not to have to eat his own grass.

Texas Longhorn Sire - Tied Off - Photo Number: j_0203.jpg
Tied Off
Saddlehorn Saddle Tramp
Top Caliber
Love Is Blue
Foot Loose
Kelo Chex
Swinging Easy
Dragon Smile Drag Iron
Shining Victory
Winning Smile
Rosy Smile
Hoo Forever Hooray Jamakizm
Theme Song
Super Duty
Shad Theme
Forever Drag Drag Iron
Shining Victory
Fine Forever
Over Kill
Finely Tuned
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