Watusi Bull_2021 - Kibwana - Photo Number: j_9680.jpg

DOB: 6/21/2021
Color: W/B hd
Weight: 858

(on 11/30/2022)

Horns: 37.75

(on 11/30/2022)

Price: $2500
Sorry, already Sold    

X    Darol

Kibwana The top DCC Watusi bull of 2021. Watch the colors his new owner will get from a solid red cow herd. Could be trained to ride, of used for a rescue animal. Look at the great breeding here. Put some black in your Watusi and watch the value. He is true black base from a 1/64th Texas Longhorn origin.

Watusi Sire - Judd's J.D. - Photo Number: h_2749.jpg
Judd's J.D.
BWS Prospect TW Bwana
JCS Crypton
Klauss Dolly Parton
Sarahs Serendipity
JB Bonikta's Boy
JB Sarah
Judd's Buttercup Liar's Lake Trouble Maker
Liars Lake Waziwama
Liars Lake Wonder
Sister 4-U
Gumbo 4/U
JB Sherwood Forrest
Watusi Dam - Titan's Ineola - Photo Number: j_6590.jpg
Titan's Ineola
Titan Wolf Olympian
Catskill Thunder
Speckled Prinsessa
Spotted Wolf
Prides Princepessa
Bujumbura Moogambi
Buffalo Bill
Speckled Cow
Zee Mambo
Mr. Immambo
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