Kid Chrome x Slug Cal - 2021

BueLingo Heifer_2021 - Kid Chrome x Slug Cal - 2021 - Photo Number: j_2176.jpg

DOB: 4/13/2021
Color: B/W
Weight: 778

(on 6/1/2022)

Price: $2100
Sorry, already Sold    


Kid Chrome x Slug Cal - 2021 One of the largest heifers of 2021. She will be fertile as a prom queen and milk like a Mexican burro. What a fancy Buelingo. This is what makes Bueling to breed many are going to.

BueLingo Sire - Slug Cal - Photo Number: g_11093.jpg
Slug Cal
Slug Fest Verbal Slugger
One More Dip
Power Mia
Power Game
Smoke'N Mia
Calley Dip Stick
Cycle Progress
Dakota Marshall
Call Truf
BueLingo Dam - Kid Chrome - Photo Number: g_11196.jpg
Kid Chrome
Scarlet Kid Fun And Games
Yard Of Fun
True Edition
One More Cycle
Cycle Progress
One More Chance
Smoke'n Game Power Game
Fun And Games
Extra Fin
Smoke'n Progress
Cycle Progress
Smoke'N Circle
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