Dragon Shard x Macanudo - Steer

Texas Longhorn Exhibition_Steer - Dragon Shard x Macanudo - Steer - Photo Number: j_5852.jpg

DOB: 4/12/2021
Color: W/B ears
Weight: 704

(on 11/18/2022)

Horns: 41.88

(on 11/18/2022)

Price: $1900

X    JoelD

Dragon Shard x Macanudo - Steer he is young, but the widest horn factors live within his veins. Watch his blue roan specks slowly explode. Totally honest. Has no expectations of being a herd sire or milk cow.

Texas Longhorn Sire - Macanudo - Photo Number: g_2747.jpg
Saddlehorn Saddle Tramp 601
Top Caliber
Love Is Blue
Foot Loose 526
Kelo Chex
Swinging Easy
Winning Smile Winchester
Sadie Sam
Rosy Smile
Senator's Rose
Texas Longhorn Dam - Dragon Shard - Photo Number: j_7025.jpg
Dragon Shard
Drag Iron Jamakizm
Shining Victory
Victory Lap
Shining Through
Win Glass Winchester
Sadie Sam
Rose Colored Glasses
Rosy Shadow
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