Already Done

 Heifer_2018 - Already Done - Photo Number: f_4347.jpg

DOB: 5/6/2018
Color: R/W
Weight: 548

(on 6/7/2019)

Horns: 30.75

(on 6/7/2019)

Price: $1900
Sorry, already Sold    

Already Done She is straight topped, deep, and bred like a Kentucky Stakes winner. For a separate fee, get a Golden Boy Henry full size lever action rifle, a herd sire and Barrett Trailer. No Pinzgauer blood in her pedigree. No borrowed, leased or unregistered bulls in her pedigree. Service sire: Reload

 Sire - Stop Already - Photo Number: F_2904.jpg
Stop Already
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 Dam - Crawl For It - Photo Number: e_6554.jpg
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