Plastic Keeper

 Heifer_2018 - Plastic Keeper - Photo Number: e_9976.jpg

DOB: 4/6/2018
Color: B/W
Weight: 804

(on 11/6/2019)

Price: $1600
Sorry, already Sold    

Plastic Keeper She's a stand-out in any pasture. A good foundation BueLingo female. Perfect belt pattern. Preg checked pos to Slug Cal.

 Sire - Progress Wrap - Photo Number: d_6715.jpg
Progress Wrap
Cycle Progress Wulfs Polled Progress
Wulfs Businessman
Miss Wolfette 9081
Dingo Trader
Spiral Wrap Fun And Games
Yard Of Fun
True Edition
Spiral One
Spiral Progress
One More Circle
Power Keeper Power Game Fun And Games
Yard Of Fun
True Edition
Extra Fin
Extra Value
Ulti Fin
Dip Keeper Dip Stick
Cycle Progress
Fin Up
Burnt Fin
Ding Up
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