Power Game

BueLingo Reference_Sire - Power Game - Photo Number: z_7397.jpg
Reg.: B-7333
DOB: 4/2/2009
Color: B/W
Weight: 2250

(on 5/30/2014)

Semen: $25.00

Note: Tested PMT Free


Power Game This is a low birth weight and high weaning weight bull. Adult weight 2245 lbs. He was 758 lbs at 205 days adjusted for a two year old dam. He is the best BueLingo bull ever raised at DCCI. He is very important to the DCCI BueLingo program. His growthy calves now confirm his meat siring qualities. He was sold and left DCCI with many daughters in the herd from 5 years of dedicated service. Semen $25. Take advantage of his genetics.

BueLingo Sire - Fun And Games - Photo Number: v_0829.jpg
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