AI in Africa

Obungbemi AI cow

Mr. Ogungbemi is like millions of other livestock producers.  It is all  about producing pounds of beef for the least cost and labor.

The N'DAMA breed of cattle, from deep in the heart of Africa, are being  artifically bred.  This insemination crew can quite possibly enjoy the same  conception rate as others using Dickinson Cattle Co. AI sires in Australia,  Germany, Thailand, Argentina, Costa Rica, etc.  The owner of this pretty  speckled cow is excited about introducing Texas Longhorn genetics to his  herd.  Mr. Ogungbemi wants to raise cattle with disease resistance,  longevity, calving ease, high fertility and the ability to multiply his herd without  feeding grain or prepared grain products----just pasture and jungle  fodder.

Unlike USA media that continues to factor grain feeding as a profitable beef  development method, most of the world does not feed grain (human consumable  food) to bovine. This is one of many reasons the Texas Longhorn is a serious  consideration for economical meat production under harsh forage and climate conditions.

Twenty years ago live cattle could be exported from the USA.  Today  regulations to and from the USA are so strict it is near impossible.  However, like Mr. Ogungbemi, semen and frozen embryos can be shipped all over  the free world, with specific but complicated protocol compliance.

African Man with baby calf

Texas Longhorns with DCC semen in Nigeria, Africa.

Dickinson Cattle Co. is the major exporter of Texas Longhorn and Watusi  genetics world wide.  The sires Zhivago, Tabasco, Senator, Not Gunna,  Tempter and Victory Lap qualify for most countries.  See them on the ranch  site  For  information on embryos available for export

Livestock producers do not have to live 10,000 miles away to appreciate good grass raised cattle.  If you live in the USA, contact us to introduce proven genetics to your herd.  With a well thought out plan, your calves could be half siblings to Mr. Ogungbemi's next year.  All you need is a long piece of cloth and some cows!  Perhaps your neighbors will come to watch.


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