Quotes from purchasers of BRY Longhorn Chutes

Just for all the na sayers of the Bry Chute. Here is proof of the versatility of the Bry Chute. We are branding Lazy J Longhorns, Little Joe on the leftside in a Bry Chute but we are on the rightside of the chute. Plus I did it by myself without help. The Bry Chute is a Great Chute if used for what it was made for and not beyond its limitations. Plus the steer and I both were safe.
Marshall Paczosa
Lake Creek Longhorns
Marshall Paczosa and his Bry Chute. Perfect for milking the slightly ticklish cow.
We love our BRY chute. Makes life much simpler and safer for vets and handlers alike.
Best regards,
Debbie Barkley
Yay! Our chute works
Our first few in the chute. Still need to work on our process but we will have plenty of practice. Ha.Have a great week!
Christie Thompson
Vet worked 15 Texas Longhorns with no injuries to any animals or humans. This is the 3rd Bry Chute and handling area we've installed. Getting the hang of it!!!
El Dorado Ranch Longhorns
Successfully managed the installation of another Bry Longhorn Cattle Chute marketed by Darol Dickinson and the good folks at DCCI. The simplicity of the chute lends itself to easy adaptability to the heaviest of handling areas. This set-up is all 11 gauge steel. The owner is happy, the cattle are safe, and we are proud of the work!
Randall Traywick


We treated 13 calves and 20 cows plus “What Not” affectionately called Ferdinand in 3 hours today. Ferdinand had to have a bump on his jaw drained today. I love my Bry Chute, so efficient and humane!

Paul White
Greenstar Panels
The Bry Chute worked perfect for measuring horns.
The spaces were in the exact right places and it was very safe for the cattle and people.
Dave Hodges
I never had cows before, let alone any experience in setting up cattle handling facilities, but I looked like a pro because of your outstanding product. Very easy to use and worked very well. Photo of me eartagging a calf below. Thank you!
Max Drachman
Just wanted to send a pic of the chute! Its working good.
Carey Lynn Fuller, Phenix, VA

Building family memories. Love how well the Bry chute works.
Lake Creek Longhorns, St. Paul NE.
Our new Bry Chute worked great today. Very quiet and easy to work both large and small animals.
Heart Creek Cattle Co.
Yesterday we got everything checked, measured and Nubs is now mad at us............. It went well, everything that we bred is pregnant. Red Rock is scheduled to go to the butcher in a few weeks. She has been a good cow but when we purchased her we knew she would be here for a short time. The Bry Chute worked well for both horned and our beef cows.
Tim Vrska, Kanarraville, Utah
Paul White, Florida using Bry chute for hoof trimming.
Paul White President Greenstar Panels
We love our BRY chute. Makes life much simpler and safer for vets and handlers alike.
Debbie Barkley
We have owned the Bowman chute and the Dube chute. They both have their problems as does everything I suppose. We left both of those chutes in TX when we moved to Arkansas. Thanks to Darol Dickinson, we now have what I believe to be the simplest and least expensive chute available today. BTW this is the most easily transported chute; unless you are talking about only moving it a few hundred yards. Go to the following link to view a video of the Bry chute in service.
Diane/Mike Grasha, Arkansas
I currently have my Powder River Chute up for sale and am wanting to replace it with your new Bry Chute. After working some cattle recently, I found that my very largest horned animals were getting harder and harder to work through the chute and even the lane leading up to the chute. I was pleased to see how easy your chute is to mount and use in various locations if you have your posts there already.
Steven , Bountsville, AL
The Bry chute works excellent for me. We've done everything with it and I've got nothing but compliments for it. I like it better for AI and palpation than the WW chute that Ron has. For the money, it simply cannot be beat. I have put it inside in a barn with a corral, with inside and outside holding pens that also leads out to a loading chute. I also just want to say thank you for making a chute that is safe, effective and affordable.
Marty A.
By the way, the Bry Chute is priceless. Everyone here thought it was so quiet and easy to use. The big thing I noticed is the fact that because the cows' feet remained on the ground, they were so calm. No picking feet up, no nervous cattle. I will recommend it to everyone I know. Thanks for making such a good chute and for being such a leader in this business that guys like me can try to follow.
We will recommend the BRY chute to anyone who ask about it.
MiMi Barker - Kilgore, Tx
A BRY Chute allows this one-man-operation to work cattle without a "handling system" to run cattle through to delouse, doctor, or worm livestock. With a BRY, your Friends & Wife will come back to help work cattle.
Ed Callan, Newark, OH
If the U.S. Government would use the Bry Chute as a training protocol for their operations it would be pretty simple. Take three main components, built strong on their own, but firmly attached to, and supporting the other two parts. Each piece does what it was made to do, works quietly and doesn't interfere with the function of the other two, but each piece has to have the other two for support and proper operation. It doesn't care or even notice what gender or color comes in. They're all treated the same and will leave with a new brand on them all to boot! Seriously THIS BRY CHUTE WORKS!
Thanks, Barney Cook, Smith Chapel Farm
The Bry Chute I bought last year works great. I put it in one of the barns and re-worked the lanes and holding areas and I couldn't ask for one to work any better. I have vaccinated, branded, wormed, AI'ed, and measured horns with the chute. Great chute for the money!
Well, today I want to thank you for a truly wonderful chute. I am very pleased! I just got in from worming, vaccinating and banding about 10 calves and I can hardly believe how smoothly it went. No scared calves running around because of all the noise, no bellowing mamas wanting to protect their babies, just calm, orderly, quite and done! And, done by just me even though I'm no spring chicken (I'm 60). Well, just wanted to say, thanks for making my day.
Respectfully, Deborah Birge
I've owned a 'boutique' ranch and been ranching for only seven years. Like you, I have longhorn cattle but a small herd of around 25. I sell them for ornaments, breeding and the freezer. During these past seven years I have owned two different squeeze chutes. Each chute took two to three people to work all the levers and switches, worked fairly well for calves but the cows (don't even mention the bulls) would have none of it and that's when the work would really start. The other problem is that it's just me doing the work.
Sid, Iowa
I purchased a BRY chute back in February. I've used it once up until today and was impressed with how easy it was to use.
We have used the BRY numerous times. It makes working with our cows very easy. Our vet, who originally was not experienced with longhorns until he started working with our herd, is impressed with how quick and easy ,vaccinations and other procedures go. Although it 's best using 2 people, I have managed on my own to separate calves from cows when weaning and getting a halter on the calf. We had priced out trying to build something on our own, but the BRY has proven to be cost efficient. It certainly has made our cattle operation more effective.
Judi Paloncy, IN
The Bry chute works great. I followed your installation instructions along with your CD. I'm amazed how smooth everything works. The cattle stay calm and it's safe for them and me. It's fantastic.
Respectfully, Richard Broker
We've really enjoyed the chute. I'll try to remember a photo this fall when we're in full swing with it.
Rand Baker, OK
We love our BRY Chute.
Melissa Moore Overwegner
I am very happy with your chute, used it the other day to pull a first calf heifer's calf -- worked great.
Lorin Lippert, Rapid City, Miniture Longhorns
Bry Chute arrived. I build boats, cars, trucks and furniture and I am impressed with design and construction. Nice!
Brent Howard, OK
I would like to take a minute and give a thank you to Darol Dickinson and Family, Worked our cows and calves today in our Bry Chute. No cow broke a horn and no one broke a finger nail.
Bryant Cattle Company.
They are super nice? Easy to use.
Brock Murphy, Jackson, MO. (Bry owner 2013)
We vaccinated the entire brood herd, cows , new calves and show steers, (50 total) using the Bry chute and it only took 2 hours----- really a dandy!
Barb and Dave Miller, Tunnelton, WV