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Bry Chute


Congratulations, you have purchased a new Bry Longhorn Chute. Here is information to assist with installation and successful uses as a livestock confinement tool.


  • Front base
  • Back Wall Gate
  • Front Squeeze Gate
  • Two full length adjustment pins
  • One tail rope
  • One head rope
  • DVD with recommended uses
  • 6 attachment bolts 10" long


  • View the information DVD before installation
  • It is recommended to have BRY chute assembled before joining facilities are constructed to assure correct placement and use.
  • Attach the Front Base to existing sturdy corral posts 8" to 11" above the ground.
  • Level the Front Base top and sides before attachment. (The Bry works best on level ground.)
  • Attach to existing sturdy corral posts (bolts included) through 6 Front Base holes.
  • Pin the Back 9' wall to the Front Base with one round pin. (It may require a hammer tap for installation and removal.)
  • Align the Back Wall Gate to close to an entry alley with sliding bolt latch. (Install so there is NO open vertical parallel area between the Back Wall Gate and the entry alley post.)
  • An entry alley to funnel cattle single file into the chute should include gates to prevent cattle from backing up.
  • Attach the Front Squeeze Gate with the same pin installation as the Back Wall Gate. (Three settings for calves, adult cows and large mature animals are provided on the Front Base.)
  • At this point the Back Wall Gate and Front Squeeze Gate will swing back against an existing fence, when not in use, and requires reduced corral space.
  • Before use install the 5/8" tail rope at the desired height and placement for tight containment. (support keepers are placed to prevent rope slippage when cattle push backwards.)
  • The hand braided nylon ropes may be placed in a half dozen places to fit different cattle sizes.
  • After the critter is moved into the chute, close the Front Squeeze Gate and snugly attach the tail rope at a proper height. Several rope cleats are provided at different places for secure height containment. Rope should be behind each animal approximately half way between the hocks and pin bones. Two ropes can be used on rambunctious animals. (Two behind or one head rope)
  • Branding can be done by removing the horizontal spring loaded Front Gate Squeeze pipes.
  • Chains provided for special closures. Always attach chains around the latch from the back side.
  • Release cattle from either side when confinement needs are completed.

$1,900.00 FOB Ohio
USA freight zones $350 to $575

Warning: The BRY Longhorn Chute is a livestock handling tool designed for many applications only limited by the skills and experience of the users. The manufacturer and or distributors do not assume any responsibility for injuries or harm to animals or people occurring during use. Handling of all livestock can be hazardous and all normal precautions should be used.

BRY CHUTE, 35000 Muskrat, Barnesville, Ohio 43713.

Bry Chute
Bry Chute
Bry Chute
BRY Chute
BRY Chute
BRY Chute

Possible mounting recomendations Click for bigger image:

Bry Chute Round Alley


Bry Chute Straight Alley


Patent Pending: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Canada, and Brazil.